Thursday, April 22, 2010

Swinging Fun and Cubs Game

Colby has had many fun April adventures. He's becoming a lot more mobile (crawling, standing), so it's opened up a whole new world for him. Scary for us, great for him!

We discovered his love for swings at a neighborhood park during the nice weather. We even were lucky enough to be invited to a Cubs game during an 80-degree day. Colby lasted until the top of the 9th! Wonder where he gets his dedication to sports from?

Last week, Colby attended his first wedding (my cousin, Amy's). It was a beautiful day and congrats to the happy couple!

Enjoy our pictorial rendition of April below!

Biz, Colby, Becca & Katie

Colby got spoiled with these seats!

Mom had a hot dog, I had sweet potatoes!

Amy, Jason & Bup