Monday, May 31, 2010

Colby's Chicago Tour

We are less than two weeks away from our move to the suburbs, so Joe thought it would be a great idea to capture some moments of Colby near all the famous sports and historical Chicago landmarks. We left our house at 6:45 am this morning to ensure crowd-free photo opps! Enjoy the album or take a quick peek at some of the pics below. Happy Memorial Day!

Colby Sleeping at the UC

Crawling around at Millenium Park (a couple days before)

Doing stairs at the Field Museum

Hangin' by the Shedd

Walking to the famous Art Institute Lions

Go Cubs!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Words

We had Colby's 9 month appointment this week, and he weighs 23 lbs, 10 oz, and is 29" long (even though the nurse entered in 29 FEET, we knew it was just the difference of an apostrophe from a quote!). When we were at the doctor's office, we were asked to fill out a questionnaire about Colby's development. One question asked, "Does your child say mama, dada, googoo, gaga?" We had not heard those cute sounds yet from our son, so we checked "no." Colby must have known that he should start the baby talk, because the moment we got home he was a chatterbox! See the video of his new skill.

Browse the entire album of our Spring Fun!

Spring Fun

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

From Mario's to Harpoon

There is a wonderful Italian Lemonade (aka Italian Ice) stand on Taylor Street in the city. It opens May 1 and closes in September. All summer long, Joe and I would walk there and get a tasty treat to satisfy my pregnancy cravings. Now, our son has developed a love for Mario's too.

Also chronicled pictorially is a father teaching his son about beer. ;-) Harpoon Brewery was a favorite of ours while we lived in Boston, and they have recently started to distribute to Chicago. See Colby below picking out his very own IPA.

Happy May to all! xo, The Thompson's Italian Ice is great!

Even better to wear!

Mom filled my bottle cap with a big scoop!

Dad grabbing a beer after a hard day...

...Colby following suit!