Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Colby is 2!

I cannot believe our "baby" is two years old! It seems like just yesterday I was anxiously awaiting his arrival, eating as much spicy food as humanly possible to speed up his arrival...and then waiting an extra week! Colby even had a sense of humor back then! ;-)

Here are some pics of his party, unfortunately he was coming down with a 103 fever so he wasn't at his best. His second birthday was topped off by puking all over a doctor's office the next day. Poor birthday dude.

Colby Turns 2!

Our Thomas Adventure

Right before Colby turned 2 he became obsessed with Thomas. Luckily, the IL Railway Museum was hosting an event called "A Day out with Thomas" and we got to go with Matt, Julie, Josh and Will. It was a great time. Enjoy the pics!

Thomas and the Thompson's