Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where has 2012 gone?

Wowee! Cannot believe how much has happened since Christmas!

We had our friends in from Milwaukee visit on New Year's (above), and then met the MN Thompson's in the Dells for a weekend (below).

At the beginning of March, we went to Disney! Colby liked the Tea Cups and the Carousel, but that's about it! He admired the characters from afar, but burst into tears when they came too close! His favorite parts of the trip were the ocean (aka the hotel pool), and pressing G (the elevator button for the Ground Level). It was a great family vacation, but left us needing another vacation to recover! ;-)

Loving the Tea Cups

About as good as a family pic we can get!

Knuckles with Oso

Got a crush on June!

A great pictoral summary of our trip!

Here's a slideshow of all pics from our trip: