Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bad Mommy Needs to Improve Her Blogging Skills

A Note from Colby:
I am sorry my mommy hasn't updated this blog in awhile. I have not seen that pesky camera as much lately, but we have been up to a lot of fun things!

I turned 4 months yesterday! I am getting so OLD! I now get some rice cereal everyday. I like to spit it out onto my bib and then eat it off of the bib. It tastes MUCH better that way.

I also got some photos taken of me by a smelly photographer. He did make me laugh a lot though! See some of the shots below or the entire album!

Happy Santa

Kisses from Mom and Dad

MAD Santa (a.k.a. end of the photoshoot)

Let's see, what else...well, my first Thanksgiving was fun. I was with my Mimi and Papa and their house was all nice with a lot of lights and holiday decorations. I liked that a lot.

I also got to visit my long-time friend, Olivia, in Milwaukee for her baptism. Our parents try to pose us in these silly shots. Maybe one day we will get a good one.

I will remind Mommy to take more photos over Christmas and update this blog a bit more.

Love you all!
The Colbster

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Jen said...

Hi Buddy ;-) I absolutely LOVE the Mad Santa photo (it is now THE pic on Auntie J's phone and IM) but I cannot believe how much you have changed already in a month - you are getting to be such a BIG BOY!!! Give hugs & kisses to Mommy and Dad and an affectionate pat to Wrigs (you know, Auntie J just can't do dog kisses - blech!). Love you lots! AJ